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Dragon Arc

The elder gods come into existence and create the universe, but have little interest in their work.

Humanity has built primitive civilizations.

The zodiacal gods come into existence in the mountain chain later known as the divine mountains.

Dragon terrorizes the world and his fellow gods.

After ages of loneliness, as well as senseless violence and anger, Dragon has an epiphany. He becomes consciously aware of and curious about the beauty of the world and its people, and grasps the reality of their lives and the pain he causes.

Dragon gives up his violent ways.

Letra Relse is born.

Dr. Letra Relse leaves the planet.

Domino is born.

Domino's village and family are taken from her by bandits, and she escapes, swearing revenge.

While fleeing from a guard after stealing food from a merchant, Domino has a chance encounter with an agent of Rat who rescues her, and she joins the organization.

Having discovered the bandits whereabouts, an adult Domino is reluctantly given permission by Rat to form a group and exact her revenge, which she does, quite brutally.

Domino becomes a bodyguard to Rat.

Having shown loyalty and dedication since childhood, Rat bestows Domino with the gift of a wish star. Domino wishes for immortality and becomes divine.

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Skunk Arc

Several new zodiacal gods come into existence in random parts of the world.

Skunk comes into existence by way of Lumstigethers' actions.

Casino Grayleaf is born.

Casino becomes an adult, defies the prophecy, and is exiled by the village elder.

Skunk claims an abandoned castle as her fortress, terrorizing and imprisoning some of the local townspeople.

Vulture, who was among those imprisoned, is freed after Skunk takes pity on her.

Casino forms a party, storms Skunk's castle, defeats her, frees her prisoners, and has her sealed away.

After some time in the divine prison, having shown very good behavior, Skunk is freed and given a second chance.

In awe of Casino and her party, and wishing to learn from and make up for her mistakes, she decides to join the Divine Guard, but falls back into her anti-social ways due to being shunned by her fellow guards.

Whilst in the guard, Skunk meets Moose, another outcast in the guard who shares many similarities with Skunk, and for this reason he is fixated on trying to befriend her.

Annoyed with Moose, Skunk sprays him, prompting him to break down and leave the guard.

Skunk decides she has tired of the guard and leaves a few days later.

Moose, tormented by the curse put upon him by Skunk, is shunned by society and condemned to live alone in the wilderness. Plagued by anger, sadness, and loneliness, he becomes obsessed with training in the hopes of getting his revenge on Skunk in their next encounter.

Moose defeats Skunk with ease. With feelings of both awe and pity, Skunk decides to free Moose from the curse. Moose leaves without a word, and the heavily injured Skunk feels remorse, knowing that the soft-hearted Moose would never have left her like this if it wasn't for the way she treated him.

Too weakened to heal herself, Skunk accepts that her consciousness is fading and that she is going to die lying where Moose left her. By some good fortune, Vulture crosses paths with Skunk and decides to heal her. Moments later, Vulture begins to leave, but takes pity as Skunk cries and asks her not to leave. The two of them soon become good friends.

Skunk gives up her cruel ways.

PlatypusBattle by SkunkStarlight DragonBattle by SkunkStarlight LydiaArkenBattle by SkunkStarlight

Platypus Arc

Lydia Arken is born.

Platypus deceives Dragon, capturing him and using his energy to create a new world order.

Dr. Lydia Arken finds the underground and, with the help of the resistance, is able to devise a plan to defeat Platypus.

Platypus is defeated, and his crystal is sealed away. The machines are destroyed, and Dragon, as well as Dr. Arken's companions, are able to regenerate. Lydia gives the crystal to him.

Dragon offers a wish star to Dr. Arken, but she declines.

Dr. Arken marries, has a child, and lives out the rest of her days in peace.

Lydia Arken passes away.

Platypus is freed by Dragon and given a second chance.

Platypus understands the trouble he caused and has learned the error of his ways.

LloydBattle by SkunkStarlight LuciusBattle by SkunkStarlight LucilleBattle by SkunkStarlight LyleYoungBattle by SkunkStarlight LydiaYoungBattle by SkunkStarlight LyleBattle by SkunkStarlight LydiaBattle by SkunkStarlight LarsBattle by SkunkStarlight

VanVoder Arc

Lloyd VanVoder is born.

Lloyd and his wife have a child, Lucius VanVoder.

Lucius and Lucille marry and have a child, Lyle VanVoder.

Lucius and Lucille have a second child, Lydia VanVoder.

Lucius and Lucille have one last child, Lars VanVoder.

Lucius and Lucille pass away.

Lloyd passes away.

Lydia and Lars leave home.

Lydia is imprisoned.

Lars leaves town.

The events of Lydia Story transpire.

LocustBattle by SkunkStarlight LadybugBattle by SkunkStarlight CockroachBattle by SkunkStarlight

Locust Arc

Dr. Letra Relse arrives on the world of the insectoid demons.

Locust and his fellow demons are betrayed by the doctor, and the planet is now slowly dying.

Paz arrives on the world of the zodiacal gods, summons a portal, and Locust and the other demons invade.

NautilusBattle by SkunkStarlight DragonBattle by SkunkStarlight LocustBattle by SkunkStarlight

Nautilus Arc

After much fighting, Dr. Relse arrives with his army of aquatic automatons.

Nautilus and the other automatons are set loose on the world, while the doctor's ship harvests the planet.

DragonBattle by SkunkStarlight LocustBattle by SkunkStarlight NautilusBattle by SkunkStarlight LydiaBattle by SkunkStarlight LadybugBattle by SkunkStarlight CasinoBattle by SkunkStarlight SkunkBattle by SkunkStarlight MooseBattle by SkunkStarlight SolarBattle by SkunkStarlight PolarBattle by SkunkStarlight PlatypusBattle by SkunkStarlight OwlBattle by SkunkStarlight BoarBattle by SkunkStarlight

Doctor Arc

Dragon, Locust, and Nautilus come to an understanding.

Nautilus unleashes a powerful attack, sending the doctor's ship crashing down to the planet.

A difficult fight against the genetically modified doctor ensues.

Growing weak, the doctor flees from the planet.

The combined forces get to work on building a fleet of ships. Led by the Jade Dragoon, the Emerald Symphony, and the Rust Fortress, the fleet search for the doctor and eventually corner him. The doctor proves incredibly difficult to defeat, and impossible to seal, but is eventually destroyed.

Along with living on the surface, the automatons build a civilization of their own under the sea. Some of the demons choose to return home, while others decide to stay. The portal joining both worlds is kept open, and buildings symbolizing the peace between both worlds are made to properly house the portals.

LumstigethersBattle by SkunkStarlight SkunkBattle by SkunkStarlight LydiaBattle by SkunkStarlight LyleBattle by SkunkStarlight LarsBattle by SkunkStarlight DragonBattle by SkunkStarlight PigBattle by SkunkStarlight CasinoBattle by SkunkStarlight VultureBattle by SkunkStarlight MooseBattle by SkunkStarlight SolarBattle by SkunkStarlight PolarBattle by SkunkStarlight RatBattle by SkunkStarlight DominoBattle by SkunkStarlight RabbitBattle by SkunkStarlight DuckBattle by SkunkStarlight PlatypusBattle by SkunkStarlight OwlBattle by SkunkStarlight WanderBattle by SkunkStarlight

Lumstigethers Arc

Since the beginning, the fabric of reality has been growing weaker, and a tear has been forming. One night, during the harvest moon, this tear is ruptured, and from it emerges the rogue elder god Lumstigethers, freed from his confinement in the dream world.

Wandering the countryside, Dragon's enjoyment of the harvest moon is interrupted by Lumstigethers, who reveals his presence to Dragon. Lumstigethers disposes of Dragon by sending him into another reality.

Lumstigethers summons all of the people Skunk knows before him, and places Skunk in the middle of the group with him. Skunk, not remembering Lumstigethers or her past life, is shown her past with the rest of the group. It is revealed that she was responsible for his being able to invade reality, and that Dragon has already been removed from this reality and is suffering in one of Lumstigethers' creation.

Skunk is shunned for being an outsider and a traitor by the group, with various individuals standing up for her, others expressing shame and disappointment, others feeling shock and dismay, and some even showing outright anger and violent intent. Lumstigethers, overcome with deranged laughter, eventually breaks up the action by scattering everyone into different realities.

One by one, individuals are rescued from Lumstigethers' realities by Pig, and are brought into a void of consciousness unseen by him. This void is part of Lumstigethers' psyche, and it is revealed that Lumstigethers fears Skunk, as the unique qualities that made her useful for invading reality are also the only thing that can harm him.

Lumstigethers discovers the void, and enraged, tries to separate them again. Suddenly, a bright light emanates from Skunk and quickly washes over everything. The light subsides, and Skunk is now surrounded in starlight. The void turns into an ominous cliffside that reflects Lumstigethers' rage. Her friends and allies are behind her, translucent and unable to move, but kept present by her energy and willpower. Cheering her on, she feels their strength within her, flowing through her. Skunk eventually delivers a blow that weakens Lumstigethers and causes another tear that starts to suck everything through. His hold over the group is destroyed, and they are now fully corporeal.

Lumstigethers begs Skunk for a second chance. She thinks back to her friends, and the stories of redemption she and they have lived, and, reluctantly, decides to grab his hand. Lumstigethers laughs maniacally and tugs on her in an effort to drag them both through the tear. Skunk quickly grips the ground. Thoughts instantly enter her mind, that she doesn't belong in this world and has no right to be here, that she has often felt like an outsider and that people would be happier with her gone. Her grip starts to loosen, and she is pulled closer to the edge of the cliff.

Lydia leaps into action, rushing forward and grabbing her hand just in time. Losing her footing, she is about to be sucked in with them, but Lyle grabs Lydia and struggles to pull them back. Dragon grabs Lyle, and several others join in as well. Casino, hesitating due to her dislike of Skunk, convinces herself to cast a spell that hits Lumstigethers, startling him and causing him to lose his grip.

Lumstigethers is sucked into the tear, and swears that he will return someday. The tear closes behind him.

Skunk is on her knees, with her head hanging down and tears running down her face. She apologizes for everything. For hurting people, for intruding in this world, for allowing Lumstigethers to invade, but she's quickly interrupted by Lydia, who gets down on her knees and wraps her arms around Skunk, and tells Skunk that this is her world as well, and that she is her friend. Several others join in to hug her as well.

The void world Lumstigethers created around them starts to fade, and in its place is the field Lumstigethers summoned them all to. Lumstigethers is gone, and everyone has returned back to the world again.

Skunk has fallen asleep. Polar picks her up and carries her in her arms, and a gentle smile crosses Polar's face. Solar looks up at Polar and grins. Lydia, Lyle, Lars, Vulture, and Moose join their side, as do a few others. As they start to head into the distance, Casino decides to sprint off toward them and joins the group as well.
Note that this is subject to change, as well as not all-inclusive, and is meant to highlight key points in the timeline that I have currently planned out.
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